About Us

FERLED, for a bright life in the lighting sector, provides services by supplying products to more than one hundred companies and dealers in many cities in Turkey as an importer and manufacturer for more than 8 years.

FERLED  Since the recognition of the brand, innovation and a people-oriented approach in the 21st century have always been our company’s principles.

Our company continues to serve the sector with various products in lighting, keeping up with the modern world, on the way of providing innovative and locally aware lighting products that will make a real difference for our customers, consumer companies, and dealers throughout Turkey. We believe that the best way to achieve these is the perfect understanding of people’s needs and desires.

When we bring people and innovation together, we create the next generation of technology and products that people really want and need. The services we provide are innovations that help people live a healthy and peaceful way and make their lives easier.

FERLED attaches importance to the purpose; to be a pioneer in developments with our R&D, to provide the products that the markets need with fast and mass production, with high quality, durability, above standard and with realistic costs. We have adopted after-sales satisfaction as a principle, and we will continue to improve it worldwide.

(Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800 quality certificates, and the products produced in our factory comply with Turkish Standards (TSE) certificates and our  ROSH, CE certificates are also available.)

FERLED , which offers services both at home and abroad with its ever-expanding product range, is known for; using technology effectively and developing its product range at a pace directly proportional to its speed; implementing approaches with global implications; its brand name known for, quality products, and correct applications, as well as timely service; increasing its sector share by targeting profitability; creative and innovative; and is a company that has achieved permanence in its sector with continuous development, customer-oriented approach, and qualified projects.

Our company, which closely follows the electronic lighting in the world, carries out all its works to take its place in the international market, by being with its customers with its pre-sales technical services, as well as with systematic solution suggestions for all kinds of needs and problems that may arise post-sale.

As FERLED, our main goal is not only to market products but to produce visuality and economy in terms of lighting in our products by providing high- quality service and improving human life with the slogan of “Light to Life”; in terms of electronics, it is to reflect professional works according to excellence and energy saving criteria and to be a company that produces products according to the needs of our customers.

As the Ferled lighting family, being honest, sincere, and reliable in our commercial and human relations has been one of our first basic principles since the recognition of our brand. Within this context, we prioritize quality with innovative, solution, and human-oriented approaches, and base the production and the production continuity on the usage of modern technology.

  • Ensuring safety and peace in our work environment within the framework of respect for human rights
  • Fast and mass production with the new generation of technology
  • Making use of environment-friendly technologies and using the energy resources in a correct and controlled manner
  • To provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices that provide performance and cost advantages
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing pre- and post-sales support to our customers

The correct and controlled use of energy resources is one of the basic principles of the FERLED brand.
To consider and apply the provisions of the legal legislation related to the environment.
Minimizing the environmental damage that may arise from production and taking the necessary precautions, including the wastes in the recycling process (cardboard, glass, plastic, etc.)

The most important features of LED technologies; Energy saving, long life, flexible, colorful and efficient, not containing toxic elements, reducing light pollution and 100% recyclability of LED products make this technology environmentally friendly.